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Group Resources

Here you’ll find resources for our most recent preaching series.  Our Group Guide gives an opportunity to further study and discuss the materials on your own or in a Discipleship Group.  The extra resources provides links to some of our favorite websites and tools to supplement this series.

Group Guide

In the XII series, we’ll be diving into the book of Romans.  The Apostle Paul wrote the book of Romans to the struggling church in the city of Rome to encourage them in their faith and remind them of the hope that they held in Jesus Christ.  What we find in the book is considered to be the premier theological masterpiece of the New Testament.

But in this series, we’ll be focusing on just one of it’s sixteen chapters – Romans 12.  Romans 12 is packed with deep spiritual truths that can reshape your relationship with God, your relationship with yourself, and your relationship with others.  Living these words will utterly transform your life.

This study guide follows the Sunday morning sermones (starting on May 3rd).  Each week, it will guide you through a truth found in Romans 12 and then take a deeper look at how this spiritual truth is conveyed in Paul’s other letters to the Church.  For more on Romans 12, check out the additional resources on page twenty.

So join us in unpacking Romans 12 and discover how to serve, love, and live in a new way.


Additional Resources

RightNow Media

Get a free RightNow Media account to get access to thousands of study resources.  Some potential resources include:

  • XII: Experiencing Your Best Relationship with God and Others (J. P. Jones) – Includes a great daily devotion.

  • True Spirituality (Chip Ingram)

  • Transformation (Ed Young)

  • Romans (Michael DeFazio)

If you’re not yet connected to RNM, find out about it HERE.

Bible Project

The Bible Project offers a variety of amazing resources.  These videos expand on many of the ideas that we have touched on in this series.