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Group Resources

Here you’ll find resources for our most recent preaching series.  Our Group Guide gives an opportunity to further study and discuss the materials on your own or in a Discipleship Group.  The extra resources provides links to some of our favorite websites and tools to supplement this series.

Group Guide

New Years is a time when we start fresh.  We set goals, aspire towards better living, and wipe away the baggage of the previous year.

But we all know that’s not how it really works.  A calendar change rarely helps us achieve new goals.  We still have a difficult time shedding bad habits.  And when we wake up in a new year, the baggage is all still there.

New Year might not be everything it’s hyped up to be.  But God is.  And our God is all about renewal and restoration.  This three-week ReNew series is all about how God is transforming us into something entirely different and how we can join Him in this task.

So skip the New Years resolutions and join God in being Renewed.


Additional Resources

YouVersion Reading Plans

We have a few recommended reading plans using the Youversion Bible App.  Choose one and read it along with the series:

  • Starting Over: Your Life Beyond Regrets (5 Days)

  • Acts of Repentance (5 Days)

  • Renew: Romans 8 with Timothy Keller (5 Days)

  • Experiencing God’s Renewal (5 Days)

RightNow Media

Join our RightNow Media account to get access to thousands of study resources. 

If you’re not yet connected to RNM, find out about it HERE.

Bible Project (www.thebibleproject.com)

The Bible Project offers a variety of amazing resources, including a series of videos title ‘The Messiah’.  These videos expand on many of the ideas that we have touched on in this series.