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COVID-19 Update


What’s Next?

By now it’s clear that our day-to-day is going to look a little different for a season. We want to be right there with you every step of the way! We’ve taken every effort to summarize all of the information in one convenient place so you can start to plan how to make the most of each day. The following guide details:

  • Ways to stay connected
  • Considerations for the future
  • How needs can be met

Stay Connected

Our family at CCW still takes pastoral care and spiritual nourishment very seriously. In lieu of regularly scheduled events, we want to provide you with extra resources for your faith and your family. Quite a few pieces come together to create a more complete picture of a communal spiritual life despite the distance.

Sunday Services Online

Our Sunday gathering is now in the form of an enhanced online experience. Invite your friends and join us on Facebook live for an hour of worship, preaching, digital fellowship, and community updates.

Reading Plan

Read Scripture together as we study Jesus’ unique identity as the one and only God/Man. Our reading plan is a great way to focus your study and promote church unity.

Online Groups

Small groups are still happening with discernment all over the county. Our recommendation is to move your group online. If you’d like help getting your current group online or if you’d like to join an online group, register here and we’ll get you plugged in!

Quarantine Devotionals

Every day before noon, CCW staff and elders will be reading Scripture and offering a short thought to encourage you, provide peace, spur you on to good deeds, and point you to the Good News of Jesus. These are likewise available via Facebook.

Family Life

Our commitment to family doesn’t fade. We still love our students and want to grow together. Our new strategies include online meetings and take-home activities. Age group specifics are best found on their respective Facebook pages.


We don’t have to be alarmed to act with wisdom and discernment. One of the ways we’d love to serve you is offering some of the following considerations. The goal is to plan ahead and respond to potential challenges instead being forced to react. In the same way we might board up our windows in the face of a difficult-to-predict hurricane, we can shore up some expectations and habits. As you rely on God, you can also plan and prepare – maybe even emerging having learned something new about yourself or your life prior to this change.

Use Discernment

We have a responsibility to be certain of what we say. On most topics and during most times, it’s impossible to fact-check everything we say or think. Growth is a process of reevaluating our opinions and practices in light of new information. This is especially critical during this time. Spreading misinformation, even with good intentions, is like adding fuel to the fire. We would urge you to limit the amount of news you are consuming and focus on the people around you. To stay responsibly up-to-date, be sure to use reputable resources like the CDC and FL Dept. of Health (the Dashboard is especially helpful). If you’re curious about local or statewide action, visit the official website directly whenever possible.

Plan for Scarcity

There are no guarantees about tomorrow. Predictions and opinions cover the entire spectrum. Part of “responding instead of reacting” means making small changes now so you’re better prepared for any outcome. If you experience shortage, you’re better prepared. If you experience abundance, you practiced stewardship. We would encourage you to reevaluate your current budget. Do you eat lots of take-out? Frequently consume single-use items like plastic kitchenware or paper towels? He who is faithful in very little will also be faithful in much.

Practice Generosity

Perhaps the primary reason to plan for scarcity is so you can practice generosity. It’s every Christian’s job to be good for those around them. We hope that through prayer and planning, you’ll be poised to help your neighbors should they encounter difficult times. Because of our hope in the coming Kingdom, our temporary resources (time, talent, treasure) can be spent for eternal good. Giving is still important – time and time again CCW members have proven that generosity is important to them through faithful giving. It takes this community to continue to serve the community around us. From our neighborhood to far-away places, people count on your generosity to experience tangibly God’s gracious provision. God is always at work and it’s nothing short of a gift that He chooses to work through people like me and you.


When it comes to what you need, physical or otherwise, it’s our goal to keep you taken care of. Family takes care of one another in good times and bad.

If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? James 2:16

God has got a much better hold on this situation than we do. Our first priority is to make our requests known to Him. Every effort is being made to handle our increased call volume with additional phone staff. This phone-prayer team is reaching out to CCW members and responding to community calls with sincere faith and powerful prayer. Feel free to give them a call at (352) 596-1388; God didn’t design you to bear your burden alone! There is also an e-mail prayerlist so that you can give and receive prayer requests from the CCW family at large.

Further Study

CCW subscribes to a christian video service called RightNow Media on your behalf. Get free access to thousands of resources including bible studies and kid-friendly content. If you’re not yet connected to RightNow Media through CCW, sign up here.


For years, the people of CCW have fed those in need through food boxes. These boxes are filled by generous members and distributed by a servant-hearted team for as long as supplies last. These boxes are designed to feed a small family for about a week. The team is in place to distribute boxes on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month from 1pm -3pm. Exceptions to this schedule are gracefully made in the event of exceptional circumstances.


We’re still called to be the hands and feet of Jesus and our hallways are flooded with stories of Christ-followers doing just that during these difficult times. Whether you need groceries delivered or a light bulb changed, we’re here for you. Depending on available resources and the nature of your request, we can’t promise to fulfill every need but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reach out! Give us a call at (352) 596-1388 or e-mail us to see if we can help in addition to any of the ways listed above. Feel free to also use this contact if you’d like to offer any supplies or services to those in need.